She is told to sit pretty, silently...

With back straight and hands folded in her lap, she is expected to be a passive audience member, always watching the world unfold, but never joining. She is told that this is what it means to be feminine. 

But she knows better.

She stands and dances. She participates. She listens and responds. She makes noise. She is an active voice in the community. She celebrates.
She applauds.

My name is Lily Greenberg. I'm from Nashville, Tennessee, and currently studying English and Creative Writing at a liberal arts college outside of Boston, Massachusetts. After spending this past summer in the San Francisco Bay Area working in publishing, I am currently studying abroad in central Italy for the semester. The purpose of this site is to weave together my creative work and stories centered around travels, in hopes of opening up the feminine image, and making space for conversation on realistic womanhood, as opposed to ideals.