Out of Winter in Hamburg / by Lily Greenberg


For the second installation of my vacances d'hiver, I skipped over to Germany to spend a few days with my undergrad friend Elle who is currently pursuing a masters in Hamburg. Originally, I was supposed to have a solid 4-day weekend, but seeing as I got stuck in Edinburgh, my visit was pushed back and cut in half. 

Even so, it was a delight to see a familiar face, and Elle could not have been more fun and welcoming. One of her jobs is giving street art tours in Hamburg, and she led me around some of her favorite haunts, which I loved. I found vibrant colors and challenging messages around every corner. 

I was catching the tail-end of a big freeze in Germany, so everywhere I turned had melting snow and ice. It was the perfect inter-season transition feeling. 

Part of what I liked so much about this visit was that we didn't really doing anything touristy. We ate at some of Elle's favorite vegan restaurants (I can only find vegan food in major cities in France, so this was a huge treat) like Mamalicious (think Veggie Galaxy, MA friends!) and Azeitona Falafel. We saw Call Me By Your Name (wowee, see this film immediately) with some of her university friends and drank German beers at a bar with big sofas. We sat on Elle's roof with coffee and a fruit/veggie plate and photosynthesized. 

Obviously I'll need to return to Hamburg to take more time, but as an introduction--improvised and synthesized due to the weather conundrums--I'm sure as hell glad I got to visit.