allow me to reintroduce myself

Photo by  Morgan Judge

Photo by Morgan Judge

my name is lily greenberg--i'm currently living in northern france working as an english teaching assistant. i graduated from gordon college in the greater boston area in may 2017, and studied creative writing & french. though i grew up in nashville, tn, i've also spent solid chunks of time in italy, san francisco, and southwest texas. this site has 2 primary functions: platform for my writing + photography and blog updates on travels + reflections. 

likes: ecofeminism, radiohead, avocados, jorge luis borges, farmer's markets, sufjan stevens, mysticism, the smoky mountains, grapefruits, paul thomas anderson, the cosmos, iced americanositalo calvino, vinyasa yoga, audre lordelouise glück, queer theory, rob delaneybrunch, joanna newsom, rain, seamus heaney, seltzer water, richard rohr, timothy morton, anything spicy enough to make me weep, french culture + language, angela davis, kendrick lamar, kombucha, stephen adly guirgis

dislikes: patriarchy, lactose, sand, the bible beltcrusty white men in suits, standing in lines, shaving, small talk, infants, the sound of popping knuckles, capitalismolives, being interrupted, fedoras, discrimination, amazon, christian music, the color orange, columbus day, taco bell, hierarchy, musicals

unless otherwise noted, all writing/photography is my own

why she applauds? because she can.